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$600 for $280k would you trade?

April 01, 20246 min read

“Find the leaks and close them, there is no profitable real estate business without automated follow up.” - Johell Aponte

Jimmy was almost crying over the phone with a broken voice talking to my acquisitions closer after hating us initially months ago.


He got strung along for almost a year by an uneducated real estate wholesaler and before that an untrained licensed agent before accepting defeat and coming to us for help.

Jimmy is relocating and his house does not have enough equity for him to sell traditionally or for cash.

He does not have the cash to sell, pay agent fees and fix up minor cosmetic maintenance items.

He is more than motivated, he is in need of help.

As we preach in our acquisitions system the initial cash offer is at a wholesale low price, typically between 50% to 70% - Repairs, and it was too low so he declined and did not want to negotiate with other options.

He simply shut down.

He stopped answering texts, calls and emails.

Has this happened to you? Keep reading...

Jimmy decided to move on to the next investor in the list, from anther state, offered him exactly what he "wanted".

I say "wanted" because it was the price desired but it was simply just bait to drag him along... fast forward 9 months he now needs to move and still has the house.

The market has shifted and we can only offer him a Subject To purchase.

If you are not familiar in a "Subject To" existing mortgage purchase, the mortgage stays in Jimmy's name but the title of the property is transferred.

I know the real estate investing world is full of exaggerated claims, I have purchased almost every single program out there...

You may hear claims such as "buy a house with nothing down!", but does it happen really?

Does it even happen frequently to sustain a business?

The answer is simple: Yes.

It will and it can, but only by being in front of the seller at the right time under the correct circumstances.

With that said, here are 3 Requirements your acquisitions pipeline system must have to raise these deals to the surface! 👊

1. Automated Information Intake Systems

Every call, text and form must be tracked back to the source.

There is simply no negotiation, systems set the foundation for any business and your real estate wholesale business is no different.

Would you sail in open water without navigation? I think not...

We are in a longer sales cycle transaction, what that means is that it takes 90-120 days to go from initial Advertisement to Close.

You may say "I don't spend any money" in marketing... to which I reply you are lying to yourself for your own ego and good luck being a slave to your business forever.

Not factor marketing costs, including efforts, is a rookie mistake.

The time and effort required for prospecting is way more expensive than the value of having willing and able motivated sellers reaching out to us with intention to sell now.

The opportunity cost is huge.

The lead source for this deal was through one of our favorite guaranteed inbound lead generators.

For every call, text and webform we have an A.I. powered follow up sequence system discussed briefly later.

Bottomline if you are not tracking the source of your leads then you will simply not know how to scale, because you simply do not know what to keep, cut or double down on.

This is your main responsibility as the owner, making strategic decisions more than anything else.

2. Automated Scheduling System

Calendar Full of Motivated Sellers

In addition to knowing the source, having a 24/7 A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) powered scheduling bot is now easier and almost mandatory for any direct to consumer business.

Attention span is at an all time low, just getting worse.

If in fact your calendar is not packed Sunday evening with Monday and Tuesday appointments of motivated sellers requesting a cash offer consultation then you simply do not have an effective automated scheduling system and you need it.

I train my closers to understand that a true distressed seller typically does not have their life together.

Motivated sellers are not organized and easily distracted, this is why they need a convenient cash offer solution versus managing a traditional sale.

Do not make the mistake of making it hard to do business with, you must understand that none of us are special in terms of business.

Once that lead comes in, you have less than 5 minutes to stop the form fill out with your competition.

We have built our own AI powered CRM systems to auto schedule motivated sellers into our calendars 24/7.

The bots are never eating dinner, playing with children or picking up dog poop.

In essence, we set a time as fast as possible, we want sellers to stop the form fill out with more bidders so we make it easy for them to secure a cash out consultation.

3. Short and Long Term Multimedia Messaging Follow Ups

Let's face it we text more than what we like to talk.

Our nurture sequences must be designed to give the right message at the right time.

If I offer you a lettuce salad at 7AM it will probably not be as welcomed as it would be at lunch time.

In order for us to maximize our marketing efforts we must nurture our leads until they tell us "Stop Contacting Me" or "I have sold and closed."

In order to nurture effectively we must do so through various media not just phone calls, but voicemails, text messages, email and even social.

The fact is that since we focus on inbound leads because we know and understand the value of willing and able leads over being a slave to prospecting we must have various channels of communications.

Some people prefer to text...

Some people prefer to email...

Some people prefer to have a phone call...

Not following up in all methods will lead to reduced conversions and profit.

Just think about Jimmy here, we applied all of the three principles above.

We know exactly where the lead source came from.

We scheduled him before any one else.

We followed up not only short but long term as well.

This ended up in a signed $280k house for only $600 as a down payment.

Subject To Contract Picture

How many "Jimmy" contracts did your system bring in this month for your business from old leads?

If not, stress test your system against these principles.

💬 Share if you found this helpful.

Make the money on the buy,


PS - I specialize in helping real estate investors, wholesalers and corporate renegades get consistent off market discounted houses with inbound leads and proven systems in 90 days or less.

Set your automated deal flow machine today.

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