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8 Steps To Close More Seller Leads Into Contracts

April 05, 20244 min read

“If it can be fixed now, it could have been fixed from the start.”

- Johell Aponte

These leads suck! They are all WACKOS!

If I were to visit your business or even look at your CRM, would I be able to find a grade for how your Acquisitions Closers managed a call?

I share a snapshot of mine below. If not, listen to this...

She threw the door on her way out... stomping through the hallway never to be seen again.

I had to fire her because she did not follow these 8 principles but at the end of the day it was my fault for not having them in place at that time in the business.

It is always our fault as real estate investors and business owners.

We can only improve what we track and we can only track if we are able to measure so we can course correct, this also includes real estate wholesale acquisitions sales.

Let's call her "Sam"...

Sam was a rockstar vacation package sales person transitioning into real estate.

We had a simple script to follow but she would wing it and get contracts some months but had some really bad 2-3 month slumps...

At the end of the day this reflected in her revenue numbers.

Sam had the potential but was just inconsistent because at the time our office did not have a feedback loop on offers rejected.

Ultimately it is my fault for not having this in place and knowing what I know now, I am sure we could have provided her the structure needed to produce more consistent results.

As we discussed her sales numbers and two months without any contracts, she angrily blamed the leads, so we decided to part ways.

"These leads suck! They are all WACKOS!"

Let's not let that happen to you.

In order for us to run an effective marketing and sales team we have to run it by the numbers, so this begs the question: do you know what your Acquisitions Closer Rejected Offer Scoring is for the last conversation?

I share below a screenshot of one of ours with feedback. It is embedded into our AI powered CRM REIMachines.

The max Score is 8.

In this blog post I share 8 Steps To Close More Motivated Leads Into Contracts and what you can audit for in your real estate wholesale operation.

Key Factors for Wholesales Acquisitions

With that said, here are 8 steps to close more motivated seller leads into contracts 👊

1. Set The Stage

“What are you hoping we can do for you today?”

“My entire job here is (get them on your side and speak to how you are aligned.)”

The key is to explain the next steps and how you work with them, not against them.

Disarm them.

2. No Pain, No Sale

Not everyone is a true motivated seller, relax.

You should though convert 1/10 viable seller leads.

If there is more reason for an owner to take a discount they simply will not… work on having them tell you how they have eliminated other options but you.

3. Defined Timeline

“The market may be completely different in 3, 6 or 9 months.”

Drive true scarcity by simply deferring why should we not talk today about the sale since you are here.

What is the real reason ?

(There is always a reason.)

4. Get them to talk.

If you are talking 80% and making statements you are simply loosing the sale.

Ask questions and manage the conversation accordingly.

They will never believe you, they will only believe themselves.

Be a consultant not a pushy salesperson.

5. $50k Magical Check

Let them tell you how they would spend $50k to repair and update the house.

You now have a better idea of the home and got them talking about what needs work.

Your welcome.

6. Reset The Stage

We are now pretty deep into the conversation.

Let’s back up and reestablish the end common goal before negotiations.

This is crucial to set expectations before next steps.

7. Asking Price

Now that we have reason, timeline, pending repairs and updates.

After all of this is set and done, what are they looking to walk away with?

This is a net number much different than a Pie In The Sky Asking Price.

8. Hesitant Close

Play hard to get, nobody likes to be sold, they like to buy.

So in our line of work make sure to hesitate.

Everyone wants a deal, this is not the time for commission breath.

Now that we understand these critical pillars, let's go back and define and audit so that you can get an Acquisitions Offer Rejected Score for your sales team so that hopefully you do not miss on sales or great talent.

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