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Empty Motivated Seller Calendar Syndrome - 6 Tips To Cure This Business Disease

May 20, 20247 min read

“Without a motivated seller there is no discounted property to purchase, no opportunity to profit, no inventory to sell and nothing else that matters. Keep your calendars full daily.” - Johell Aponte

How many motivated sellers did your business schedule Sunday?..

Yesterday we had a Netflix and Chill type of Sunday... The day was cloudy, one of the girls had a slight fever and with summer coming in and school out we all just craved some downtime.

I did get back to the gym early today as I prepared my 5'6" heavy sexy frame for an anniversary trip to the Dominican Republic for our 12 Year Anniversary.

The interesting matter is that our real estate acquisition system still booked over 5 Appointments for our acquisitions closers to talk to starting bright and early Monday.

See snapshot of end of day for one of our coordinators.

End of Day Report With Motivated Seller Appointments

(Additional appointments were booked by our A.I. Scheduling Bot as well.)

In this post I will speak of how to course correct the horrible syndrome of Empty Calendars.

We discuss this in detail in our WiFiFlips University.

In any business, including discounted real estate investing, there is nothing set in motion without willing and able leads.

In our case, there is no deal to be made without a motivated seller willing and able to sell us a property at a discount...

You may be thinking... why would any body sell a house at a discount?

I could overwhelm you with a huge listicle but it all comes down to time and convenience over money.

If your business and systems are not generating multiple motivated sellers, which most often than not are not listed on the open market, then you do not really have a chance to buy at the lowest and best terms possible you will forever depend on brokers, agents and/or wholesalers and that is a sad place to be in when you could very well simple set the following system on your own and here is how.

With that said, here are 6 Key Steps to cure empty calendar syndrome! 👊

1. Get Capitalized Now!

This is often skipped, but yes, every business requires capital. We have used Fund and Grow for years and they even have a $1.00 option otherwise how will you survive the slumps with bad title issues, flaky sellers or buyers?

Our cost per closing, not contract, ranges between $1,260 to $3,440 per closed deal with a ROAS (Return on Advertisement Spend) anywhere between 6 to 18... these are our internal real numbers.

You may do better or you may do worse but one thing is for certain there are some great months and some low months, do not come at this under capitalized or you will suffer.

If you have $0 dollars or bad credit then acquire the skills and "know how" to setup off market discounted real estate machines for those that do and setup a profit share model.

I am sure you can find some real estate investors wanting more deal flow so you can set these up for them and get paid handsomely to do so, so there is no excuse.

Get capitalized with your own resources or with others. Thank me later.

We discuss this strategy at the WiFiFlips University, everybody wants more discounted real estate very little know how to do it consistently.

2. Auto Scheduling AI Bots

I hinted on this earlier, there is simply no way that you can outpace A.I. and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg or become a ChatGPT expert. If your CRM does not have a scheduling bot that is able to text with new motivated sellers as fast as they respond without getting blocked by the SMS Carriers we will beat you every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

AI Booking Bot

There are many CRMs, Snapshots or just "do hickeys" that promise scheduling bots but have they been put to the fire through an actual real estate acquisition team?

Not just solo operators... Our members will be getting exclusive access and training to our REiMachines CRM since this is what I actually use we are able to detect problems early and often.

Yes, it is based in the GHL platform but the value is in the nurture copywriting and strategy not just the software base.

3. Speed To Lead

Who is calling the leads in less than 5 Minutes while you are having dinner or tucking in the kids at 745pm?

How many new seller leads were not contacted within 5 minutes?

If you are not nor your closers are... guess who is?

We are and your competition is :)

You must be ruthless with speed to lead.

A.I. may not be fully able to replace humans on voice phone calls yet and it will at some point in the next few years.

You want to keep an keen eye on this, the coordinator role is meant to not only coordinate title errands (those are easy) but also keep speed to lead fast.

Do you really think every prospect wants to talk to 10 other people?

Nope... but they will fill out 20 forms online until they feel their issue is being worked on.

If you are not keeping a tight leash on speed to lead you are wasting precious revenue.

See graph below.

Graph of Sellers Not Contacted Within 5 Minutes

Our coordinators are the "glue" in our business freeing up space for closers to dedicated and solely focus on sales not logistics.

4. Multimedia Messaging

I know we spoke about texting a lot... but there is no 1 way to get in touch with your leads.

Do not believe you are somehow special or they like you more for any reason...

Voicemails and emails should be in the follow up equations multiple times a day aggressively, especially at the beginning.

We have had leads come back to life over a year later.

The "motivated" seller window is very narrow and the call to action needs to CONSISTENT.

The consistent messaging of "Schedule Your Cash Out Consultation", snowballs overtime until they are ready.

5. Multiple Acquisitions Closers

The sooner you can have 2+ closers available to negotiate your acquisitions the better your business will run and the more profitable it should become.

It is no longer a hustle, it is a business with redundancy.

I understand that many are solo investors and that is fine to a point but think about the cost of opportunity for just not having a trained closer available to negotiate deals on your behalf.

It also helps when renegotiating difficult contracts.

I love closing over the phone and I used to do it all in person but I don't see the benefit any more.

In order to do this, you need a s streamlined acquisitions sales process to be followed like protocol.

Every closer should sound about the same. Closing needs to be made boring.

This is the only way to scale and have multiple calendars.

6. Stand Out

Start collecting 5 Star Reviews asap!

If you have closed any deals whatsoever and not taking advantage of this opportunity to take a picture with your sellers you are missing out.

I will save you a lot of grief by letting you know that all sorts of drama and haters will pop up at some point and leave you a bad review for no reliable reason, the Wackos do exist, but do not let this discourage you!

As people see our service as a commodity having reviews is essential and offering other perks like a simple free 7 Day leaseback also helps.

Stand out from the crowd by differentiating yourself.

I hope you gained value from this Real Deal Blog Post.

We help real estate investors, brokers and corporate renegades acquire off market discounted properties with guaranteed inbound lead generation systems online.

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Dedicated to helping you master deal flow,


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